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Good dishwashers are a must for those of us who have to wash dishes for a typical family. Cleaning dishes by hand takes up far too much time and effort. A dishwasher can take the average load of plates, bowls, pots and pans and have them sanitized and sparkling in a way that hand washing just can't do. The water temperature inside a dishwasher can reach up to 165 F, not a temperature I'd suggest hand washing with! This high heat dissolves dirt and grease very effectively. All modern dishwashers have multiple cleaning cycles that wash and rinse several times to ensure clean, spot-free dishes, silverware and glassware. Multiple water jets inside can blast the dishes from all directions. A modern dishwasher uses an average of 6 gallons less water than handwashing. This is a kitchen appliance that will truly save you time and money and will give you a result that would be hard to match by handwashing. Wouldn't you rather be outside enjoying yourself than inside with that pile of dishes?

Buying a dishwasher is no small feat! Modern dishwashers can be very expensive and can have a bewildering array of features to choose from. Trust me, the list of possible options and features that you can choose from in dishwashers today is enormous. Many of the features have different names but are really the same thing. Others have similar names but have unique differences that make one far superior to another manufacturer's version.

DishwasherGuru Saves the Day

So, how should you choose a dishwasher that is going to be the right one for you? How do you get through the masses of jargon to the real issues and facts? That is where the DishwasherGuru steps in to help. We explain everything that you need to know about dishwashers and how to go about making the correct decisions when selecting one.

The goal of this website is to explain to you about all the different types of dishwasher and all of their features, both good and bad. We explain things easily and simply and without jargon or technical terms. Once you understand the details about the various options, you can begin to feel comfortable about deciding which ones are important....and which ones might not be worth the extra money!

Once you know and understand the features that you want in your next dishwasher, then you will be in a much more powerful position when it comes to making your purchase. DishwasherGuru will get you ready to buy your dishwasher with the confidence that comes with knowledge. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that, out of all the diswashers on the market, YOUR new dishwasher is the perfect one for you!

Let's put you in the Driver's Seat

DishwasherGuru will provide you with the answers to the many questions that you will have about dishwashers. For example:

  • What is the best water temperature to really get your dishes clean?
  • How much is your dishwasher going to cost you each year to run?
  • Which type of cleaning programs are the ones that work best for pots and pans?
  • Which is the right detergent to use and how much is the right amount?
  • How do you stop glasses from ending up with streaks and spots?
  • Which dishwashers work better with hard water or soft water?

Imagine the feeling when you read a manufacturer's brochure and really understand what they are offering. Think about how good it would be to walk into a local dishwasher showroom and know the right questions to ask the salesperson. You could be running the show rather than simply being at the mercy of some slick sales pitch that really doesn't tell you anything.

The time and effort you take to choose your dishwasher is nothing compared to the time and effort you'll save if you make the right choice. You'll gain long-term benefits that you might have otherwise missed out on, such as having features custom to your specific needs, lower utility bills and don't forget....cleaner dishes!!!

What Are You Waiting For?!

All of these advantages are there for the taking, as long as you are willing to spend a little time and effort right here. We can't just tell you the one dishwasher that is best for you since only you can arrive at that decision. Every person has different requirements and the only way to pick the 'best' dishwasher is for you to do a little detective work. Start your search for the perfect dishwasher by reading through the basic descriptions of the types of dishwashers that you can choose (they are listed near the top of this page). Then look at the various articles that help you to understand the different options and features that you can buy. Finally, go look at a few dishwasher websites and see what is available.

I've been there, right where you are now. I've had to try to absorb all of this information and figure out what it all meant. That is why I created DishwasherGuru. None of the things that you will read about are very difficult or complicated once you understand them.

DishwasherGuru feels very strongly about giving unbiased, neutral information to help you with your dishwasher choice. You will not find a hidden agenda or an alliance with a particular manufacturer. The advice offered here is for the sole purpose of helping you gain knowledge, power and choose the right dishwasher for you.

So, get reading so you get out there and leave the dish washing to the machine!
The DishwasherGuru

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