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Useful Websites

Energy Star is a joint program of the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency. The goal is to provide information about the energy efficiency of most household appliances. Using this data, you can determine how much a new appliance will cost you in comparison to those from competitors.

CPSC is the US Consumer Protection Safety Commission. This is a great place to visit to find out if any of the appliances that you own have had any recalls.

NSF is the National Sanitation Foundation. This international organization is dedicated to ensuring public health and safety. It provides certification for water supplies, food and consumer goods.


Partner Websites

ABT Electronics was established in 1938 and has been supplying quality electronics goods and appliances ever since. Benefits of ABT include Free Shipping and a low price guarantee which even extends beyond the purchase.

AJ Madison is Brooklyn based and is a very well known name in the online world for supplying home appliances. Good customer service and a great range of dishwashers has helped them to get backed by the Better Business Bureau. has a huge range of over 2 millions products including high quality household appliances. As a well trusted online company, they trade in both the US and Canada. They have won many business awards in both countries.



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